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Being overweight is rare among young children. However, genetic disorders and hormonal pathologies can cause obesity, which affects the condition of the heel tendon. Diagnosis of inflammation of the synovial bag of the heel. Diagnosis of inflammation of the synovial bag of levitra takes place in stages. It all starts with asking the patient what symptoms he is worried about, what happened during the period when the disease arose, what lifestyle he leads, whether there were injuries and abrasions. A general examination by a doctor confirms the patient's suspicions. Visually, the symptoms of the disease become visible, which are checked by additional procedures.

Correct diagnosis of the disease allows you to prescribe an effective treatment for Achilles bursitis. It consists of three stages: The first is the repayment of the inflammatory process; The second is the restoration of vardenafil and bone structures; The third is preventive measures against recurrence.

How to treat Achilles bursitis? Cold packs are applied to the affected area, the joint is squeezed with bandages, and a therapeutic massage is done.

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In the acute form, treatment is prescribed with the help of anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs, antibiotics, hormone injections into the joint. A plaster splint is applied to keep the heel immobile. In the chronic form, the synovial sac is cleaned of exudate and disinfected with antiseptics to prevent re-inflammation. Medicines are used, as in the acute form. If these measures do not work, then they resort to surgical intervention when part of Levitra calcaneus is removed. With a purulent form, punctures are performed and the synovial bag is washed.

Injections of glucocorticosteroids reduce the inflammatory process by reducing the activity of macrophages; Shock wave (acoustic) therapy restores the cellular structure, relieves pain, splits bone growths, improves blood circulation, resolves fibrosis. Acupuncture and ariukolotherapy. Bed rest to rest your legs.

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What shoes does the person wear? This issue becomes relevant here, since a common cause of the disease is just uncomfortable, squeezing and high shoes. Hard backs should be avoided. Choose light shoes with flat soles. If a woman likes high heels, then it is necessary to choose a moderate height and rarely change the high heel to a flat sole.

Nutrition in the treatment of inflammation of the articular bag of Vardenafil has its effect. If the cause was excess weight, which is often observed in people with achilles bursitis, then an urgent reduction in it should be done. There is no need to go on a diet. It should be balanced and nutritious, but low in calories. Include in the menu: vegetables and fruits, lean meats, fish, cereals, liver, whole grain bread, pumpkin and zucchini, onions and garlic, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

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Apply grated radish compresses periodically until the swelling subsides. Fresh pine baths: 200 g of grass per 5 liters of water, insist 12 hours and carry out procedures for 20 minutes. Dressings made from fat, which are made at night to remove toxins and reduce inflammation. Butter and propolis (7:1) - take the infusion before meals. Tincture of lilac and alcohol. Compress of honey, aloe and vodka. Compresses from cabbage leaves.

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Surgical intervention is prescribed for the chronic and purulent form of the course of the disease. It includes: excision of the articular bag; tamponing of the articular bag; exudate puncture; removal of a part of the synovial bag; removal of the articular bag without opening.

Achilles bursitis does not affect the life expectancy of the patient. How long do they live with inflammation of the synovial bag of the heel? You can live your whole life. Here, the main thing is not the duration, but the quality of life, since the disease affects the mobility and performance of a person. Ignoring the disease will not work, so various folk and medicinal methods will be used. It is better to be treated in the early stages so as not to lead to the need for surgical intervention.


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Preventive work should be carried out both before the onset of the disease and after the cure: Before sports, it is necessary to warm up the muscles well and wear comfortable shoes; Observe proper nutrition; Monitor your own weight; Avoid various situations in which injuries are possible; Wear high-quality shoes, if possible, do not wear high heels; At the first symptoms, immediately go to the doctor.

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Achilles bursitis is an inflammation (chronic or acute) of the synovial bursa surrounding the Achilles tendon. Causes Symptoms Classification Diagnosis Treatment Prevention. External manifestations of the disease are pain in the heel when walking, redness and swelling of the ankle. Against the background of infection, severe consequences are possible: purulent bursitis, sepsis, phlegmon.

The most dangerous can be the loss of the ability to walk. If you do not undergo treatment and do not take care of the health of the tendon, which is the strongest in the whole body, then you can lose your motor ability, that is, become disabled.

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There are several causes of Achilles bursitis. Most frequent: prolonged load on the joints of the legs, after which the body does not have time to recover: running, uncomfortable shoes, walking in high heels, overweight; secondary infection on the background of trauma; rheumatoid arthritis: the inflammatory process passes to the synovial bag of the tendon and provokes the development of Achilles bursitis; other joint diseases; infections. Achilles bursitis (like other bursitis) occurs when exudate accumulates in the synovial bag of levitra pills - an inflammatory fluid, due to which edema and tissue thickening form. As a result of Achilles bursitis, there is a loss of functionality of the ankle joint.

Achilles bursitis can manifest itself in acute and chronic forms. The inflammatory process is unilateral or bilateral (on both legs). In cases where Achilles bursitis is detected in combination with inflammation of other joints, one of the likely causes is rheumatoid arthritis. If the tendon on only one leg is affected, Achilles bursitis is preliminarily defined as traumatic.

There are many folk remedies that can be used at home to treat the disease in question

The main symptoms of Achilles bursitis are: severe pain in the Achilles tendon and in the heel when walking, which does not stop at rest. The pain may spread to the entire ankle; redness and swelling of the skin in the affected area; swelling in the ankle area, shaped like a spindle; limited mobility of the ankle; in the acute course of the disease, the body temperature rises to 38 degrees or more; with continued loads on the affected joint, a tendon rupture is possible.

Classification of bursitis is carried out according to several parameters: the course of the disease - acute, chronic, recurrent; type of pathogen - non-specific (trauma, etc.), specific. Specific are subdivided according to the type of infection; exudate composition. At the first stage, the doctor performs a visual examination of the affected tendon, fixes the symptoms and the nature of the course of the disease according to the patient. Further diagnostics is carried out by instrumental and laboratory methods.


Laboratory methods include analysis of synovial fluid and a blood test to determine the level of urea.

The instrumental method is fluoroscopy: the nature of the change in the joint is revealed from the pictures, assumptions are made about the occurrence of the disease - trauma or rheumatoid causes. Based on the data obtained, a decision is made on how to treat Achilles bursitis.

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